Femme + Fierce Hair for the Woman Who Values Her Time and Herself.


As women, we know that your hair is an expression of who you are. When you shop for extensions and wigs, you're looking for great quality that looks great on you. We want to help.

We were tired of seeing shady Instagram boutiques offering low-quality products at dirt-cheap prices. And we were sick of seeing women left frustrated after dealing with scams.

At Femme + Fierce Hair, we source the highest-quality hair from rural communities of women from around the world. These women are paid fairly, and each product we offer is handled with the best care.

It's our mission to deliver premium-quality hair extensions to you, backed by excellent customer service. We're here to help you find the perfect match to your hair texture and lifestyle, and if you're not satisfied, we're here to make it right.


What Makes Us Different?

We offer the Indian hair extensions and wigs you already love - without the stress of buying "for less."

Whether it's a classic body wave, tight curls, or smooth and straight locks, you know what you like. With Femme + Fierce, you can take out the guesswork of shopping for hair online. Our hair products are 100% raw and professionally crafted. They are an investment in your hair's future, without the worry of getting less than you paid for.

We provide real, responsive customer service.

There's nothing worse than waiting around for customer service to respond to your inquiry, wondering if you'll be stuck with a purchase you don't love. We have a team of customer service agents who can answer your questions, guide you as you consider your options, and manage any returns. You won't be left in the dark.

We are Black-owned and operated.

We're proud to support communities of color through every facet of our business. Our products are ethically sourced using fair trade practices from India. We are a Black-owned company here to serve anyone who wants access to high-quality hair they can depend on.